Tile Trends That You Must Try Out For Your Next Renovation Project

People are getting into the habit of regularly renovating their houses. One of the main things that are involved in the renovation project is the tiles. While it is perfectly fine to simply follow the overall theme of the house, you should see what the popular trends are. There are so many different designs and colors out there that you can choose from!

Here are the trendiest tiles that people are opting for these days.

Tiles Imitating Other Materials

A lot of companies are offering tiles that can imitate the look of other materials. For example, some can look exactly like metal and some can look like a rusty natural wood! There are so many different varieties including fabric. You could get creative with your house renovation using this interesting trend. While you are researching these online, be sure to also check whether the same company is willing to provide you with a quote. This is because some prices are way too high. Some can be quite reasonable, just check out the Tile Installation Quote in El Dorado Hills CA.


Beautifully Patterned

Long gone are the days of simple square slabs on the floor! There are so many different patterns available on the tiles that you can completely change the look of your residence. The patterns come in various shapes with interesting designs and a whole range of colors. You can opt for any option that speaks to you.

Warm Color Hues

Some want an old look for the house and some prefer having a breezy and cozy vibe to their home. If you are from the latter group, then you go for some warm-colored tiles such as pale grey. They can provide you with a warm and beachy feel that you will love. People who follow this trend usually have warm-colored wallpapers and furnishings as well. Explore the different color options available and see the prices each company is offering. While you are it, you should also try searching for the Best Tile Installation Company in El Dorado Hills CA.

Matte Finish

Do you want a highly sophisticated look for your floors? You should follow the matte trend then. These can add a chic feel effortlessly. If your furniture and wallpapers are of a darker color, then matte floors will completely complement them. Check these out in your local stores and see if you find anything that is interesting because these are worth it!

Dimensional Tiles

For the longest time, all the companies usually made tiles that were in the shape of either a square or a rectangle. Now, the trend is evolving and we are getting dimensional tiles. The most popular one is hexagonal. It is the most unique trend out there so if you’re thinking of a lavish home renovation, you should go for this as well. They look completely stunning and bring out a new vibe to each room. It is a favorite trend for many interior designers!

Here were all of the latest tile trends that you should explore.