Advantages Of Quartz Countertops

When it comes to countertops, a lot of people may immediately think of granite countertops for placement in their home. However, the quartz is becoming more and more popular choice with homeowner these days. The recent years have witnessed a massive popularity in the use of quartz by homeowners in their properties. 

The question remains that why is quartz gaining popularity so fast? There could be many types of countertops. How is quartz better than those? Here’s how the countertops made of quartz typically more advantageous than others. 

It’s The Best Countertop Option Currently Available 

If you ever get to search for the best ‘quartz countertop outlet near me in Phoenix AZ’, you will realize that it has been the most favorite countertop option in Europe for over ten years. Nonetheless, not many people are familiar with it in the United States. The surface of a quartz countertop is a mixture of the qualities of both stone and laminate, it makes it an affordable countertop option and has a versatile range of options for almost any kitchen. 

Available In Multiple Colors 

Whether you use the quarts as a quarried slab or it is working as an engineered solution, you can easily get any color quartz for your kitchen as you like. This is what makes it the most favorable choice for new constructed or remodeled kitchens. You can get quartz countertop in a range of colors and varieties for your kitchen. 

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Easy Maintenance And High Durability

If you are someone who has no time to waste on maintaining the kitchen because of your tight schedule, the quartz countertop would be an ideal solution. The best thing about quartz countertops is that they are nearly impossible to destruct. They offer excellent durability making them one of the very few countertops that come with a warranty. Moreover, a quartz countertop is not porous which means the sanitary concerns with this countertop are almost none. 

No Staining And Corrosion 

As mentioned in the above, the quartz countertop features the best durability. Such a strong durability of the surface means that there won’t be any need to reseal the countertop. The countertops made of quartz offer resistance to liquids, oils and corrosion. This prevents staining and thereby the need for constantly maintaining is lowered. This also serves as a kind of self-cleaning countertop contributing towards its massive popularity. 

Uniform Feels And Looks 

Some of the stones are extracted directly from the nature. This gives their textures immense variation in terms of color and patterns. While some may like it, there are many people who prefer a uniformity in color and shapes. This is the benefit that can only be gained with quartz countertop solutions. They offer unique and same look plus feel throughout providing consistency in style and grace. 


There are numerous granite countertops outlets in Phoenix AZ. However, the benefits and features offered by the quarts countertops are incomparable to what the granite has to offer. Strong, durable, and graceful, the quartz countertop is simply the best!