4 Ways To Deodorize Your Carpets

4 Ways To Deodorize Your Carpets

Whether you have an old carpet that belonged to your grandparents or have pets at home, the unpleasant odor that comes from these carpets can be a serious issue. When you start to ignore regularly cleaning the carpet, the fibers of the carpet will allow the dirt, residue, and mildew to settle deep in that carpet that will cause the carpet to smell awful. 
Don’t worry, as there are several ways to fix this issue. Ever heard of deodorizing and how quick and efficient they ought to be? Well, most of the cleaning methods are only good for spot cleaning yet the polluting substances remain in the carpet. If the smell persists due to your pets, you might need to hire one of the best carpet pet odor removal service in Federal Way WA

Deodorizers alone will not be enough to clean the carpet of your house, you need to hire a professional or DIY the venture on your own. With the help of carpet cleaner and deodorizing, your carpets will be looking for brand new and smell fresh.
Below is a list of the 4 top ways to deodorize your carpets. Keep reading until the end to benefit from our post. 

Baking Soda Based Carpet Deodorizer 

If you are dealing with the smell of smoke or pet urine that has been in your household carpet for many years, baking soda is one of the best answers. Did you know that baking soda absorbs excess moisture and traps the awful odor? 
Well, you need to sprinkle a lot of baking soda over your carpet. Make sure that the baking soda gets in the strands of the carpet and let it sit overnight. After that, you need to vacuum the carpet to get rid of all the baking soda. If the smell persists, you can repeat the process.

Vinegar Based Deodorizer 

Using vinegar is yet another possible solution for carpet deodorizing. You might be worried about the smell of the vinegar, but once the vinegar dries out completely, it becomes odorless. Meanwhile, when you spray the carpet with vinegar, it will absorb the unpleasant smell. 
You need to pour white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet evenly. Do not get carried away with the spraying. Let the vinegar dry completely. 

Deodorizing With Vodka 

Vodka not only will kill the bacteria but it also acts a natural stain remover. If your carpet has pet urine stains over them, a cheap vodka variety is an excellent choice for cleaning and deodorizing your carpet. 
You need to spray the vodka over the carpet area which has stains, and waits for 15 – 30 minutes. Use a paper towel to absorb the moisture. If the stain does not go away, hire the nearest carpet pet stain removal service in Federal Way WA

Proper Ventilation 

Ventilation is one of the primary rules when it comes to cleaning the carpet clean. Keep in mind that good ventilation will help in getting rid of bad smell. 

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