What You Need To Know About Architectural Roofing

You may have seen many roofing types in your life; however, the most attractive option is architectural roofing. It is picked by many homeowners due to its elegant appearance and durability. When you are facing the issue of roof leakage and want a trouble-free roofing system then you can invest in architectural roofing. 

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Knowing More About Architectural Roofing Shingles

The architectural roofing shingles are made of asphalt and they are designed in a way to ensure depth and dimensional appearance. These roofing shingles create a colorful and thick visual effect. The shingles look different than the flat shingles. The installation method of these shingles is different as well. The very popular architectural roofing style was introduced in the 80s and it has not lost its aesthetic appeal since then. 

These roofing shingles are made of fiberglass base which is then coated with asphalt, while the top layer also has laminated asphalt. The installation is done in a way to create a stacked appearance of the shingles which are glued together. Industrial production of such shingles makes them stronger and also shapes them distinctively. There are many benefits and some disadvantages of getting architectural roofing shingles. There are explained below. 


Among other benefits, the architectural roofing shingles have a lifespan of 25 years due to high quality asphalt. If you are getting premium shingles, then these can last upto 40 years. Moreover, these shingles are low maintenance as compared to slate roofing. They are also lighter than the slates and less flammable than wood shingles. If you go into details, you will also realize that these shingles are less expensive as compared to the wood shingles or slate roof. 

The weight of the shingles can be classified as heavy which also makes them more durable as compared to the others. The architectural roofing shingles can resist hailstorms and windstorms. They have longer warranties and also increase the market value of your property. 


Though they are less expensive than some roofing systems, however, these shingles are still expensive. But the durability and elegance make them a valuable investment. The brands of the shingles also affect the quality and strength of the shingles. Some manufacturing companies offer tough barrier shingles which have a tough barrier against the precipitation and forceful winds. You can pick the brand and company of the shingles depending upon your requirements and the location of your home. Unlike Flat Roofing Services, the architectural roofing system installation is not common and only experts can do it. Weather can also affect the protection feature of the shingles. You cannot use architectural asphalt roofing shingles in warmer areas as heat can affect the quality of the shingles. It can also crack and fade the shingles. These shingles are also imperfect for intense temperature fluctuations. Moreover, if these shingles are installed in freezing winter season then the shingles can be damaged permanently. These are not eco-friendly when compared to metal roofs.

Positive And Negative Aspects Of Pressure Washing For Homes

When we need a proper solution to the problems such as stubborn grime and stains due to the regular accumulation of dirt, then this technique of pressure washing is used. The basic idea behind this technique is that you have to apply a great pressure of water through a narrow nozzle on the surface to peel off all the dirt stuck there. The regular or as we call it soft washing techniques are not able to remove the stubborn grime because it is has bound itself strongly with the surface. A high-quality device and the professional pressure washing companies in Aventura FL are hired in this process that can adjust water pressure according to the requirement of that specific area you want to clean. let us understand the benefits and disadvantages of the pressure washing technique in this read:

Pros of pressure washing

the basic advantages of pressure washing have been discussed by we want you to understand the process in a better way so that you can have confidence in the techniques and can decide better for the house:

  • The new shiny surfaces will make the house look just like a new one and you will enjoy the process as well, it is extremely satisfying and therapeutic for the people suffering from anxiety issues especially OCD.
  • The front section of the house is everything when a buyer visits the house and most of the times our front yard, driveways, and walkways are looking pathetic besides all the washing. Use pressure washing instead and have that perfect look for your open house.
  • The best way to get rid of thin strands of cobwebs and spider webs stuck with the walls and windows on the outer side of your house is this outstanding pressure washing method.
  • The tiles on the front yard will look absolutely different and you yourself will not recognize the color as the original color and texture was hidden beneath the thick layer of dirt and grime.
  • A pressure washing session after a few months can help you keep a clean image of your house and protect the roof, driveways and wall siding from decaying due to mold accumulation.
  • The process inhibits a lot of germs from going inside the house. When your house exterior is perfectly clean, there is a less chance of bacteria and viruses making an entry in the house.

Cons of Pressure Washing

Everything that is used for good reasons also has a negative side that can damage the whole image of that procedure in your mind. Obviously, there are some aspects of commercial pressure washing companies in Aventura FL that can put someone in trouble. You need to be cautious while applying the techniques to your house:

  • The wrong level of pressure according to the surface will damage the material and coating on the floor or roof.
  • Any misuse can damage the surrounding objects that were not intended for the process or any person because the pressure of water is quite dangerous for the human body.
  • The changes in this process are quite high because it involved expert skills and an advanced machine that works on either fuel or electricity.

Why Hiring Professionals Is Necessary To Power Wash Your Property

Commercial premises or properties require regular cleaning and maintaining to preserve its curb appeal and general appearance.

Especially if you are a huge conglomerate or commercial business such as hotel, spa, gym, restaurant, boutique, school or hospital. It is imperative that you power wash your building occasionally to maintain its curb value as it is the first thing that your potential buyers, consumers or clients notice when they approach your business.

In order to protect the structure of your building, it is highly recommended that you hire professional commercial power washing companies in Gilbert AZ that fit in your budget and suit your needs.

Read on to find about why hiring expert service for power washing your property is important and beneficial.


Power washing your property requires expert skill set and training. The professionals are trained to pressure wash in an expert way without causing any damage to your commercial building. Whereas if you try to wash it yourself, there is a chance you may not be able to do it properly.

State Of The Art Equipment

Professionals have the right tools and gears to power wash your premises. Moreover r, they know how to use each and every equipment in an expert way. Apart from the power washer machine, there is a certain type of nozzles, safety gears, attachments, pipes, ladders and other stuff required to do the job. Fig you decide to rent all these gears then your cost will go up and besides these professional tools are not always available to general buyer.

Save Time

Hiring professionals to power wash your commercial premises saves your precious time that you can utilize increasing business. Power washing job takes immense time, patience and skill. If you attempt to do its own your own with power training and equipment then it may take the double amount of time that it would take a professional to do it. So, in order to save time, it is essential you hire professionals. These companies also provide expert services of house washing in Gilbert AZ at nominal rates.

Save Money

By availing the services of experts to pressure wash your commercial property, you in adherently save money. These professionals have all the required tools to perform the task and know how to power wash it without destroying the exterior paint. Whereas if you will DIY it, you will not only need to buy all the essential equipments but may also destroy the exterior paint in the process thus leading to more damage. So, hiring them is a wise choice as it will not only provide you with mental peace that your job will be done perfectly but will also save your hard earned cash.


Experts are trained on how to climb the ladder or lift heavy equipment. They take all the safety measures while performing this sensitive task. They wear safety clothes, mask, durable gloves, goggles, and long boots to protect themselves from any mishap or accident.

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Products Used

These experts know which products to use to wash different types of surfaces. Not every type of cleaning job is the same. Some surfaces require light solutions to clear away the dirt, debris, and grease. Whereas some surfaces required heavy-duty chemicals to deal with serious issues like mold and mildew. These professionals know which surface require which type of treatment and product. They know the correct settings of temperature and pressure to wash your exterior in order to ensure maximum clean up. Moreover, the products that they use are environmentally friendly and have lasting results.

Licensed and Insured

These experts are insured and licensed to give services of power washing. They go through extensive training before acquiring the license. They are properly equipped to perform the top-notch job of power washing your property. They know how to tackle and mishaps or unforeseen circumstances that may arise during power washing your property. Also, they are insured that means in case of an accident, the company will be liable to pay all the medical bills.


They know how to tackle any tough situation and foresee any potential issue. While power washing they may discover dirt in some difficult to reach spot or discover mold which they were not aware of before. They will take immediate steps to tackle these problems and come up with an effective strategy to tackle it.

Zero Collateral Damage

If you perform this sensitive task with your inexperienced hands then there is a huge possibility that you end up stripping your exterior paint or worse end up getting hurt in the process. Whereas professionals have years of experience and training to power wash your property without causing any damage.

Final Word

Pressure washing is a project that should be best left to the experts. They power wash your property in an effective manner and moreover use eco-friendly products.