What You Need To Know About Architectural Roofing

You may have seen many roofing types in your life; however, the most attractive option is architectural roofing. It is picked by many homeowners due to its elegant appearance and durability. When you are facing the issue of roof leakage and want a trouble-free roofing system then you can invest in architectural roofing. 

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Knowing More About Architectural Roofing Shingles

The architectural roofing shingles are made of asphalt and they are designed in a way to ensure depth and dimensional appearance. These roofing shingles create a colorful and thick visual effect. The shingles look different than the flat shingles. The installation method of these shingles is different as well. The very popular architectural roofing style was introduced in the 80s and it has not lost its aesthetic appeal since then. 

These roofing shingles are made of fiberglass base which is then coated with asphalt, while the top layer also has laminated asphalt. The installation is done in a way to create a stacked appearance of the shingles which are glued together. Industrial production of such shingles makes them stronger and also shapes them distinctively. There are many benefits and some disadvantages of getting architectural roofing shingles. There are explained below. 


Among other benefits, the architectural roofing shingles have a lifespan of 25 years due to high quality asphalt. If you are getting premium shingles, then these can last upto 40 years. Moreover, these shingles are low maintenance as compared to slate roofing. They are also lighter than the slates and less flammable than wood shingles. If you go into details, you will also realize that these shingles are less expensive as compared to the wood shingles or slate roof. 

The weight of the shingles can be classified as heavy which also makes them more durable as compared to the others. The architectural roofing shingles can resist hailstorms and windstorms. They have longer warranties and also increase the market value of your property. 


Though they are less expensive than some roofing systems, however, these shingles are still expensive. But the durability and elegance make them a valuable investment. The brands of the shingles also affect the quality and strength of the shingles. Some manufacturing companies offer tough barrier shingles which have a tough barrier against the precipitation and forceful winds. You can pick the brand and company of the shingles depending upon your requirements and the location of your home. Unlike Flat Roofing Services, the architectural roofing system installation is not common and only experts can do it. Weather can also affect the protection feature of the shingles. You cannot use architectural asphalt roofing shingles in warmer areas as heat can affect the quality of the shingles. It can also crack and fade the shingles. These shingles are also imperfect for intense temperature fluctuations. Moreover, if these shingles are installed in freezing winter season then the shingles can be damaged permanently. These are not eco-friendly when compared to metal roofs.

Various Types of Insurance Policies Available for Roofing Contractors

Why Roofers Require Insurance in the First Place

Roofers are presented to risky working conditions like a crumbling rooftop, falls and individual wounds while fitting a rooftop. Along these lines, roofer’s can guarantee liability from their clients since it happened on their property. This shields property holders and organizations from confronting liability. 

Then again, it’s likewise feasible for roofers to harm their client’s property while working. Protection shields the roofer from being obligated for fixes. Besides, the client doesn’t need to pay for harm brought about by the roofer. Roofing Insurance Claims in Holly Springs NC gives roofer the right to claim for the damage caused accidentally on his property while fixations. There are however different types of insurance policies a roofer can adhere to.

Different Types of Roofer Insurance Coverage 

The sorts of protection vary dependent on the inclusion they offer. Roofing organizations get protection inclusion decided based on your work routine, regardless of whether you enlist subcontractors and the point by point nature of your organization. Your work routine alludes to whether you work during all months of the year in light of the fact that in colder atmospheres, roofing organizations don’t work in winter months and laborers do opposite side occupations during this period. 

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A Professional Liability 

This is progressed contrasted with general liability inclusion. The inclusion is appropriate for roofing organizations that offer a meeting service to their clients. This is on the grounds that it shields the roofing organization from any lawful cases that emerge in the situation that your suggestions to a client bring about misfortune or damage. 

A Business Owner Policy 

This inclusion is for proprietors who maintained a little roofing business. In the event that entrepreneurs join this inclusion with others, they can get a markdown on the general protection. 

A General Liability Coverage 

This sort of protection covers individual damage to clients and other non-workers and the property harm brought about by an outsider. 

Greater roofing organizations would for the most part need a protection that offers proficient liability inclusion. Most protection suppliers offer inclusion for ten representatives in an organization and it consequently covers new workers as old specialists leave. Having the correct protection for your laborers and friends guarantees that your customers get the best service and significant serenity. Roof Repair Cost in Holly Springs NC varies with every contractor and his experience. 

In order for the roofer to be protected at job, he is bound to have an insurance policy. The policy subscribed to him may depend on the organization the roofer is affiliated with or it may depend on the nature of the job he is about to perform. However, insurance is mandatory as it allows the roofer to have some sort of security for any damage caused to him. There has to be a compensation for him if the harm comes from the customer, his suggestion or even via his property.